The I Love You Spinner

The charm, when spun, delivers the message I Love You to the wearer.

The I Love You Spinner demonstrates discernment and subtlety: it reveals legible words of closeness only when in movement and serves as a reminder of the confidentiality of love.

The I Love You Spinner is, to those who are familiar with the piece, a declaration of adoration and devotion. To all other eyes, the spinner is a minimalist piece of jewelry, the symbolism of which is a secret.

Tony Malmed Jewelry I Love You Spinners are available in 18k gold, sterling silver, and oxidized sterling silver—with or without ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds and sapphires of blue, forest and lime greens, pink, red, and black—on chokers, cords, and chains.  

The I Love You Spinners are made by hand in Santa Fe and Los Angeles; the chains are handmade in Germany, comprised of conflict-free silver and gold.

The Spinners can be further customized with various stones, metals, and engraving. To customize your I Love You Spinner, contact us here

To pre-order a Tony Malmed Jewelry I Love You Spinner, please contact us here.