The אני אוהב אותך I Love You Spinner Necklace
The אני אוהב אותך I Love You Spinner Necklace

The אני אוהב אותך I Love You Spinner Necklace

$ 278.00
The charm, when spun, delivers the message I Love You, in Hebrew, to the wearer.
The Spinner demonstrates discernment and subtlety: it reveals legible words of closeness only when in motion and serves as a reminder of the confidentiality of love.
For those who are familiar with the piece, The I Love You Spinner is a declaration of adoration and devotion. For all other eyes, the spinner is a minimalist piece of jewelry—the symbolism of which is a secret.
Available with or without ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, the Spinners are made by hand in Santa Fe.
The Hebrew I Love You Spinner comes in our small I Love You Spinner size, available in large as a special order.
Create your I Love You Spinner
I. 18k gold or sterling silver
II. Conflict free diamonds, sapphires, or stoneless
The Spinners can be further customized with various stones, metals, and engraving. To do so, contact us here
Please note that silver and black Spinners come with chains. Click here to purchase an Italian 18k gold chain.
View the I Love You Spinner (in English) here and the Love Spinner Necklace here
All Tony Malmed Jewelry is made individually and by hand in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We only use conflict free diamonds and repurposed gold and silver.